Sunday, December 21, 2008


So many people think the meek means weak
people or "sheep".

Meek means to be in the learning state.

This is why the meek shall be the ones that
will dominate. Because they are in the subnitted
role of learning. And the only way to advance
yourself is to learn more than you knew yesterday.

I totally believe in mentors. I have many. So
should you. I have my Senior Pastor Ben Gibert as
mentor in my spritual growth. I have my mastermind
group I am paying for to learn from them how to run
the best women bootcamps possible. I am a mentor to
a man who is very successful in online marketing
and getting your business ranked by Google. I am a
mentor to a membership based site builder to learn
how to build a successful site for others to learn
from. I am mentored by a very successful financial
planner to grow the next stage of my successful life.

And here, I have many people being mentored by myself
and Brenda on how to achieve the ultimate healthy life
style. We do that at our women bootcamps, our personal
training, our seminars, and our consultations.

Ah, but I also have some of the most cutting edge Drs.
in the world that menor me on anti-aging and health.

So do not think you are too good to be meek. The meek
are those willing to learn and improve. And the only way
to help others is help your self first.

So as you see even though I am sought out in the health &
fitness and nutrition arena, I am searching for those that
can help me grow there and in other areas of my life.

This was a lesson for those meek enough to take counsel
and learn from someone who does the same.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody,
Your Health & Fitness Expert

Friday, December 19, 2008


Hey you all know me. I don't write this to blog
try and sell you products. I write this because
I have a passion for health and fitnessfor everyone.

Like you I will promote something I really like.
You may promote a movie you liked to your friends,
or a new restaurant you really enjoyed. I promote
in the health and fitness arena as this is my life.

If you have been with me you know I despise the
regular M.D.s out there. You know the ones who
spend 6 minutes with you after you wait on them
for 45 minutes past your appointment time.

I do refer people to one Dr. Mark Hertzberg in Novi.
He is cutting edge, and a real Dr. who wants health
for you, and actually practices what he preaches.

Well i bought a book for me and Brenda, as we deal with
alot of women. This book is full of Drs. like Dr.
Hertzberg. I do recomend this book to EVERYONE. Husbands
it for your wives, fathers for your daughters, women for
yourself or friends. It is that good.

Click the above link and get a copy. Trust me on this gang.
If I am sold on this-you will be sold on it.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The Governor of New York is going to tax soda pop
with sugar in it.

Hey maybe we should tax video games also,
I mean I think they contribute to the bad
health of our youth as much as pop. We could also
tax television over 5 hours a week. And you know
we could tax the internet like long distance phone,
charge by the minute. Tax skate boards (walking or
running is better), tax those crazy roller skate tennis

I mean let's tax everything that adds to the bad health
and obesity of our country.

Come on, you cannot regulate bad choices, you need to
educate and instill the importance of good health.

Heck let's give parents a tax break for enrolling their
kids in an activity that contributes to their health.

Hire a trainer for you kid-get a tax break. Yea I
like that.

They really don't get it. People make bad choices,
and to try and control that from the government is
just plain crazy.

Trying to play Big Brother. How about getting rid of
art class and adding another gym class.

Obesity costs us all, in medical costs and insurance,
and in lives.

So maybe we should just tax people over 20% bodyfat!!!

To Your health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

Monday, December 15, 2008


Okay, just imagine if someone blessed
you with a grocery shopping spree up to
$1,000.00 worth of groceries!

Now what would you do with the money?
Would you run to the cake section and
get that New York style cheesecake?

Would you head to the cereal section and get
that frosted sugar flakes with graham cracker
sweet stuff?

How about heading over to the bakery section and
getting those warm apple turnovers....or maybe
that whole case of potato chips and don't forget
the dip!

Oh my gosh can't you just feel the excitement of the

Well, my wife and myself just had this happen to us.
We were blessed by a family in our church who wanted
to take us to the grocery store and have us fill our
freezer, fridge, and pantry. Can you say "Praise God".

I will tell you what we got: omega-3 eggs, brown rice,
green beans, diced tomatoes, skinless chicken breasts,
lean ground sirloin, salmon fillets, frozen vegetables,
onions, mustard, steaks, and tuna fish.

Well what would you buy?

This will tell you where you are at in your mind as far
as healthy eating goes. They asked us if we wanted this
or that. We said no-this is what we eat.

What would you do?

I will end with this. The reason we were blessed is due
to the Biblical principle or sowing and reaping.
We set up a food bank in our boot camps for needy families.
As we have sewn into families we were now in line to reap the
same---food. Praise God.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Give me a break. Has it come to this
in the obesity capital of the world
that a video game is now the hottest
selling fitness thing going?

WII Fit is being advertised and bought
as the "fun" way to exercise. Well
first off when did exercise not become fun?

No, don't have your kids go outside and
actually play, have them stand on a small
white square and pretend to play.

Don't buy a $5.00 hula hoop and actually
play with it, pretend to do it on the white

Hey how about having to stand on the square
and pretend to lunge so you don't have to
actually do it.

And hey you "men" do you need to do your push
ups off the white square? The floor too hard
on your hands?

Watch this video, made me crack up:

As a fitness professional seeing this being sold
it makes me crazy.

Hey buy a jump rope and a medicine ball and
get outside and get fit for real.

This is the fattest country in the world and
now we are going to lower the bar once again
and stand on a white square in front of the t.v.
and "get fit".

And tomorrow we will teach pigs how to fly.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Had another session of the Better Life Fitness
Women Boot Camp tonight.

I goota tell you--these women impress the daylights
out of me.

Here it is less than 2 weeks before Christmas, most
people start neglecting their health and especially
their workouts this time of year.

You know, parties, shopping, vacations, family in
town, or just plain time to hibernate.

Well I am watching 2 groups of dedicated women,
one at 5:30 am and one at 6:30 pm just totally
kicking it.

They not only are seriuos about getting healthy,
they are getting a headstart on the New Years. Most
people gain an average of 8 pounds through the holidays.
These ladies are looking to lose 8 or more before the
New Year.

I take my hat off to them, they are awesome.

Ladies, you are impressing me and I am proud of
you and proud to be helping you reach your goals.

To Your Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Oprah has gained her weight back and she
states she is "ashamed or herself".

How many of you can understand what she is
talking about?

Oprah, bless her heart, in my humble opinion
of a fitness expert with over 30 years experience
did what many do wrong.

She went on a "diet".

She said that she starved herself for 4 months on
a liquid protein diet and didn't eat a morsel of

Determination and will power--yes. Smart and wise--

As soon as she announced her weight loss she did
what comes naturally--she celebrated with eating
food and rewarding herself. The next day she could
not fit in the same pants she wore on her show!

You cannot go on a diet that is not a healthy eating
program that will allow you to eat real food from a
variety of food groups. How many times do people have
to jack up their health and actually gain back more
weight than they lost before they get this?

I have helped people lose thousands of pounds the
right way, and keep it off and have a healthy life.

Oprah was focused on the scale, toss that thing away.
Focus on strength, energy, and health. Gain muscle,
which controls your metabolism, eat healthy which gives
you energy, and live a healthy life.

Focus on those things and you will win long term.

If you really want to do this I am offering my Metabolism
Makeover Course in conjunction with the Better Life Fitness
Women Boot Camp in January for NO EXTRA CHARGE!!

This is a course I charge $400.00 for and always sell out.
So, unless you want to ride the same yo-yo Oprah did, get over to
and enroll in January's Women Boot camp, Michigan's Premier
Boot Camp for women only.

Looking forward to a healthy and prosperous 2009.

To You Health,
Randy Woody
Your Health & Fitness Expert